Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

nobody knows

Release me from this pain
'cause I can't stand it any longer.
It's like bullets through my brain
and they are gettin' stronger.
Please lay down the gun
and stop shootin' on me.

Nobody knows and nobody sees
these wounds
they don't
fucking ever seem to heal
say can't you feel
I am down, I'm down.
Cannot get up, cannot get out.
I'm tryin' to shout
but I'm gettin' numb
and my screams dumb.

Nobody knows and nobody hears.
It's like silent screams.
And who will hear them?
Who is listenin'?
What have I sinned
that I 'm tortured like that,
that I fell like dead?

So please! Oh please!
Who'll make the pain gone
so I can live on?!

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