Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

My voice, my warmth and all my light

You came to me from deep inside
when I asked you to no longer hide.
Then You were there and helped me out.
But what I found
blew me away
I wanted to forever stay.

The light I’ve seen,
the warmth I’ve felt,
the voice I’ve heard.

It felt like happiness out of this world.
In a place I’ve never been before
I wished to stay there ever more.

Now I know that there is You
and You are me.
This is what I believe.
And everything that there’ll be
will happen for its own destiny.
With love and passion I will pray
that You will guide me on my way.

In You I trust.
My voice, my warmth and all my light.
With you I will be shining bright.

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