Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

necklace of pain

There’s a necklace of pain
that drives me insane.
Yet it has been two years.
It was caused by my fears.
When it wrapped ‘round my neck
I went all the way back.
Straight through my mind
but wasn’t able to find
what happened to me.
Or couldn’t I just not see?!

I felt it ache, hurt and bite.
Didn’t know where to hide.
The only feeling remained
was the anger I gained.
I blamed each and everything
not realizing
that healing
could only
pass by slowly.

As a lesson of patience, forgiveness and grace
in my very own race
I need to come here
to release all of my fear,
see clearly and let it all go,
coming back into row
and back into life
even greater and wise.

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